Dog Anxiety at Night

I have a 9 month old Samoyed who is typically very good when it comes to bed time. She sleeps in our room with the door closed so that she can't roam in the house but is no longer confined to her crate...but it is still in the room if she chooses to go into it.
Last week there was a severe storm and the power went out for the night and there were fairly high winds with items blowing around but no thunder. She was quite afraid that night sleeping and had a hard time settling down. I put her in her crate and she was able to settle down and go to sleep. For the next 4-5 nights we had no problem with her sleeping. But the suddenly she has developed a problem where she doesn't want to sleep in our room and constantly goes to the door and tries to dig to get out and jump up on the door to try to escape. She will eventually settle down but if there is any little noise she will be up again at the door.
I am not sure if this is related to the she seemed fine for some nights after this. But I can't get any sleep with her at the door trying to get out all night. Has anyone heard of a similar situation? Is there anything that I should be doing? I'd like to address the problem before it continues for too long.
Any advice would be helpful.

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