8 Month old kitten's lips swelling? Looks painful? Please help!

First, a little background on my kitten.
Her name is Lily and I adopted her in May. When I adopted her she had an upper respiratory infection that we tried repetitively to treat, yet to this day she still has a bit of a stuffy nose and sneezes every now and then.
As of earlier this week, her bottom lip swelled up very large, and looked red and painful. I watched it, and it went down, only to see that as of yesterday her upper lip has swollen now and looks even worse than her bottom lip did. She also, in the past few months, has had the pads on two of her paws do something similar, but I just assumed that she had been messing with a bug of some type and got stung.
I am very concerned, as I also adopted a litter mate of hers, who passed away about a week after we got her from what was later determined to be fading kitten syndrome. I'm terrified that it could be something genetic, although her litter mate never had the swollen lips or pads. 
She seems happy and energetic, and is still eating and drinking like regular. Please help me! I want to take her to the vet but it is not possible at this time due to finances. I'm just worried about my little baby :(

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