Husky-Lab mix hair loss and sores

I have a 5 year old husky-lab mix named Sammie. She's a gorgeous dog but has her fair share of health problems. Recently I noticed her losing a spot of hair above her tail and on the skin, sores have developed. The sores are red and she will occasionally gnaw at them to relieve itching. Through research I believe it to be mange, possibly demodedic, but I want to be sure. I'd just take her to the vet but money is really tight right now and I'm looking for a way to possibly diagnose and treat her myself. I have decent pictures of the spot. Anyone who could lend some insight would be much appreciated. Thank you!



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Reply To: Drewbie92

Hi there; Sorry to hear about all the health issues that Sammie is having. What brand of food are you feeding right now? What kind of treats are you giving her? Have you looked at it in regards to an intolerance to what she is eating? By limiting and controlling her diet by trying an elimination diet might help. 1 protein, limited carbs and 1 oil source and no treats unless fruits and veggies. Try a food with a novel protein (meaning a uncommon meat) Dogs can go back 5 generations in allergy issues. There are a lot of really good foods available in specialty pet stores with novel proteins (ie buffalo, duck, fish etc). Another thing to also try eliminating all grains from her diet. Again, some great grain free diets are available. Take a look at the ingredients in her treats that you have been giving her. You might be amazed at what is in them. A few foods that I would recommend trying would be the GO! Sensitivity + Shine Salmon recipe or Duck recipe. If those are not available to you, check with the sales associate in your petspecialty store to help guide you to the right one for you to try. All high end foods are 100% guaranteed so if ours or anyone else's isn't helping, you are not out any money, just take it back with your receipt and original bag for a full refund. Good luck with Sammie, it's horrible to watch your pet going through these things and let me know how things go.

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