This is How I stopped My Dogs Slobbering and Drooling

Hello, My Newfoundland dog is 2 years old and his name is Moose. Because I could not find a product to buy to keep his slobber and drools from messing up my home and my families clothes. I had to invent the product myself. The Patent is now Pending so I can start announcing my product to the World ,and I still need some wet mouth dog breeds to make a pattern to fit the size. As of Today I need a Great Dane, BullMastiff, and a few others.

I will make the dog slobber stopper to fit your dogs head and give you the $79 product free. All I need from you are head measurements by following my measuring instructions. I can be reached at slobberstopper@ (space added to stop spammers) And I would love feedback from the dog community.



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Reply To: DogSlobberStopper

Hi! I see you are looking for feedback.

As a dog trainer and humane education instructor, I would discourage my clients from using anything that covers a dogs face and prevents the dog from using his natural body language to warn off other dogs and people. From your photo above, this product appears to do just that and any dog wearing one could feel more vulnerable and therefore give less warning.

We do extensive public education to teach children about dog body language and how important facial expressions are. We also teach them what muzzles are intended for and how they makes it hard to see those expressions. I am afraid that if children learn that this is not a muzzle, they will approach other dogs that are wearing similar looking muzzles and could get hurt. It's a disaster waiting to happen.

I also think that lots of people will assume a dog wearing one of these is vicious. As you probably know, many breeds get a bad rap because of public perception. 

I don't know if this is for extended use or not, but I also have a concern that collecting dog saliva for any length of time, would encourage bacteria to grow causing potential harm to the dog or anyone who may come in contact with it. Lots of dogs have very poor oral hygiene.  

For those reasons, I could not recommend your product to my clients. 

I hope you find these comments helpful.

PS. are charging $80. for this? I have to say it's way overpriced. Similar products cost an average of $15 to $20. A towel is a cheaper and easier alternative. 

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