Kitten Vomiting and Lack of Appetite

My wife and I took in a stray kitten about a month ago, and she, Eva (~2 months), is having some health issues right now. Already she has been de-flead, de-tapewormed, and de-ear mited with stuff from the States. But now she has been vomiting for about 48 hours now. She seems to have gotten everything out of her system but any time she drinks or eats something she will vomit it up. The vomit was originally the color of her cat food and now is clear from the water she drank. For this reason, she doesn't want to eat anything or drink anything (and it will come up anyways). She has slept for most of the days, but when she is awake she is still somewhat active and playful.

The extra problem is that we live in CHINA, and veterinarians or animal medicine is not easy to come by here. Everything online just tells you to go to your vet, and doesn't give any real information, which I understand because people want to be certain, but we don't have that luxury. So if anybody has some ideas for what could be going on and how we could treat it with home items, this would be extremely helpful. Thank you!

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