3 month old kitten almost died not breathing

I know About a week ago, our 3 month old kitten almost died. She has always been healthy aside from an incident she had drinking chocolate milk about a month before. We believed she had fully recovered as she was back to her normal self. She was playing, running, eating,etc. that morning. I called her name. She ran into living room and started doing uncontrollable flips. I realized she could not breathe! I attempted the Heimlich but she still was not breathing. My wife did a finger sweep because we thought she had choked on something. Nothing  helped. She was not breathing. About 2 minutes later her body was going lifeless.Then my wife did rescue breaths. Eventually she began to breathe shallow breaths by herself on our way to vet.We got her to vet. They  stabilized her, put her on oxygen. The next morning she was sent home because she was eating on her own!They found pneumonia. Put her on antibiotics. But her neurological motor skills are damaged. She mentally is still sharp. But her walking and running is highly erratic and uncoordinated. We figure she got brain damage from oxygen deprivation.The vet has no idea what happened to her. The X-ray showed no object to cause choking. I don't know if she had a seizure. We are just glad she is alive right now.

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