Itchy red eye and ears turned severe= please help!


My cat has been sick for years with itching.  He's lost most of the fur on his belly, tail, and face.  He has small circles of lost fur in his ears but they are not sores.  We've tried all the food allergy trials and he does not respond.  Recently taking a treatment of Profender seemed to help, and he got his fur back and doesn't itch as much.  But he has to take a treatment every three weeks or he's back at it. 

Over the last three months he's developed a red eye.  He scratches it and there are sores all around it and his ears.  I thought he might have toxoplasmosis so I got him a treatment for it and it seemed to work but he couldn't keep taking it because it made him sick to his stomach.  Now the eye has turned Glacoma and they want me to remove it!  I know this won't solve the underlying condition. 

I am hoping someone out there has heard of this!  Please help if you can!

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