Afrika Boerboel breeders - a disgrace!

Good day -

I would just like to lay a complaint against a breeder -Afrika Boerboels.

About a year ago I bought a boerboel pup from them, as we moved into a new house with a big yard for a boerboel. (Today I have read what questions a breeder is supposed to ask, etc - this woman did not ask any questions. She was purely interested in getting money. However, this is not the problemI have).

I have since contacted her and asked her if it is possible for her to take him back because our situation changed completely and the result is that we cannot give him the attention he needs - we also reitterated that we do not expect money for him as this is not why we want to find a new home for him. We have had lots of friends and family who wants him, but we thought it would be best if he is ona farm where he can have friends and where he can get the love and attention that he needs. She asked me who his parents were and after I told her, she was eager to get him and told us to bring him yesterday (5 August 2012) to her.

We drove over 40kms to her yesterday. We got there but she did NO preprerations for a new comer - she did not take her dogs away or anything.Obviously a one year old dog will want to go explore and if there is lots of movement and barking from other dogs, he will obviously want to go and explore and join in in the barking. He is full of energy like a boerboel should be, but he is not aggressive at all and has NEVER bitten ANYONE, but for some reason this woman ran for dear life into her house, when he jumped out of the car (please note he was on a leash)! She is a breeder and I think if you get a new comer, its just common sense to close up your other dogs, so that you dont excite a new comer from the word go. So then she just came out and said she isnt going to take him because he is full of energy and he is barking. ( !!@@##??? They are breeders - do theyhave lifeless animals and they dont bark!!???) We asked her, so what must we do with him? Should we take him to the SPCA? So she said YES!!! Have you ever!!! She is supposed to be a breeder, a dog-lover but yet she cantrehome her own bloodline breed and says we must take him to the SPCA!!!????

When I spoke to her about taking him back, I told her that we are going through a tough time, travelling, working long hours some days and also started building on at our property. I didnt see the need at allto tell her that we are emotionally also not able to care for a boerboel at this stage, as we are still also dealing with our baby's death. The point is just that this woman just sees money and should not be allowed to keep animals. I have seen how she treated some of her dogs when I fetched our pup a year ago, but never thought much of it until now that I have seen how she really feels about animals.

Our pup has also NEVER reacted like that before - perhaps he remembered her and the way she treated him or perhaps he had a sixth sense about her. He was not in attack mode, his hair wasnt raised. He was just barking (obviously because ALL her other dogs were barking and jumping and running) and he wanted to go to them, but as any dog, when on a leash, the more you try to keep them away, the more they will want to go and see what they not allowed to go and see.

I was utterly surprised of her reaction as she as a breeder should know that that is the way this breed acts.

Shw wasted our time (which we dont have a lot of in the first place)and gave us even more emotional damages.

Afrika Boerboels is a breeder who should not be even recognised by the boerboel Assocciation. They are a disgrace and have no love for their dogs.

So thanks to her lies and her prompt answer - our pup will now have to end up in the SPCA. Just shows you how much she cares for animals - ZERO!

I will be spreading the word around to everyone about what a disgrace they are and I will send the story to Carte Blanche and other mediaas well - lucky for me I keep all correspondence, so she has a lot of trouble coming her way.

Thank you

Kind regards

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