Chihuahua puppy thinks he's some Doberman. HELP

HELP!! Okay thats better now that I got that out. My 4-5 month old chihuahua puppy named Raffy is a little TOO bold. Almost got eaten by my friends dog the other day and got in a fight with to Feral cats last night, barks at other dogs to say hello and then those dogs thinks him more of lunch than a dog that wants to play. And always, ALWAYS is barking at cats whenever, where ever.

We have feral cats with Rabies, worms, deceases and skin problems. They survive by killing small prey about the size of my chihuahua puppy named Raffy. I am a little worried because Raffy doesn't know the danger. One cat was eating a dead bird, when he saw Raffy, that cat thought Raffy was after his meal, but Raffy wasn't. I have tried to stop him from barking and getting the attention of other predators.
- Thanks SO much for helping, Paws Up!



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Okay lets face it, the feral cats live around my suburb, okay lets put it this way, the feral cats live all around the whole CITY!

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