My chihuahua has 5 toes on one of his paws?!!!

It's just like a extra toe for my puppy, it's just and ecsessive, extra, unneeded part of his body? Why though? I got him from a pet store, he had lived in a cage for the first three months of his life until I fell in love with him. The cage was so small he hasn't ran around AT ALL in his life and he had NEVER seen, touched or felt grass. he was taught to pee where he was standing and poop where he was standing. He was bad at avoiding corners, obstacles and walls as he had NO experience of what it was like to walk normal and naturally like any other dog would. The toe hasn't effected him at all. But will he be harmed by it later on in life? Do you think I should get it removed or not? See a vet, or leave it? Its really useless, luckily hasn't harmed my puppy. 



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This is perfectly normal... Dont worry! Its nothing to do with her environment she was kept on or her standard of life, its just one of these things that dogs can be born with when their DNA was being made, this can happen to people too, its just a tiny little defect/deformity. Theres no need to go see a vet or have it removed unless she catches it and it causes her discomfort although it shouldnt do. I had a collie cross that had a extra toe on both feet and it never bothered him. He was just extra special in my eyes :)



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Thats great! Thankyou so much! And by the way, he's a boy, thats fine though. Raffy is a bundle of joy, no one minds, not even him, he is too extra special to me and the family! And, looks like I have a new problem! 

Raffy my chihuahua puppy ATE YELLOW PAINT !
I was painting with yellow paint outside, and somehow my 4 month old chihuahua puppy (male) got outside and when I turned around he just took one massive lick at the blob of yellow paint, WHAT DO I DO? Humans themselves shouldn't eat paint.
Inside his mouth was yellow until he swallowed it. I managed to rinse his mouth out with water though. He seems fine, after all its only been 10 minutes since his encounter with paint. Should I do something? Anything I should be aware of? Can he still eat and drink? PLEASE HELP!
-Thanks SO much guys, paws up.

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