Kitten Clicker Training Frustration

Over the past month, I have acquired 2 kittens- one male that is about 4 months and one female that's a little younger. Before getting them, I had read up on clicker training cats, so I began to clicker train them right away (seperately, of course). The older male has done extraordinarily well. I successfully loaded the clicker, found a treat that he was crazy about, and taught him to come when called.

The female is a different story and has me at my wits end. It's not that she's not intelligent; it's just that she will NOT cooperate. I was successfully able to load the clicker with her (I know because I clicked without a reward and she searched for one), so I know she is capable of learning. However, when we throw in the commands, and she has to work for the treat, it's like she shuts down or gets bored. When we begin training, I always let her smell the treat to begin with, and then begin with the particular command I want to focus on (so far it's only the "come" command because I can't get her to pick it up). With the "come" command, once I have her attention and issue the command, she will slowly waltz toward me, stopping to look out the window, stopping to clean her paws a little, stopping to scratch on the carpet, etc. All the while I am about to pull my hair out! Once she does make it to me, I click, give a treat, and praise her over and over, and the process begins again.

When I first started training, she would sometimes sniff the treat and walk away, so I was like, "Okay, well maybe she doesn't like the treat. I need to find a better incentive." After several different types of reward including various treats and toys (as well as attempting training before a meal so she would be hungry), nothing is working. I have no idea what I am doing wrong! I know that she is probably just as confused as I am, but her seeminly indifferent attitude is so frustrating! Does anyone have any advice?



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