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My spouse has recently been confined to a wheel cahir and walker due to a severe injury to her leg. Our 4 dogs have gotten along very well until my spouse came home from the hospital. One of my dogs has become aggressive towards one of her dogs. When in the house and she is home, Cagney has begun to show her teeth and growl at Her dog Bailey. At first Bailey just submitted and avoided. had Bailey cornered in the living room, Spouse on the couch, and Cagney attacked Bailey...both suffered puncture wounds and I am at a loss as to how to get Cagney to stop theis senseless aggression...Anyone with experience in theis field PLEASE help!! I have had Cagney and Lacey for 11 years and do not want to give up Cagney. Cagney, Lacey and I have been in the same house hold with my spouse for 5 years with her dogs Bailey and Sarah.

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