What Breed is Shiloh?



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When I got Shiloh, I was told that he was a full bred deer faced chihuahua. However, now I'm not so sure of that and neither is anyone else that has met Shiloh. There's always someone asking me what type of dog is he? When I answer Deer faced Chihuahua...the comments are always, REALLY?  So, I've been looking up different breeds and I think he may be mixed with either African basenji (because of the markings, look and sounds he sometimes makes) or a miniature pincher. Whatever he is, we love him to death, but I would like to know more about what he is mixed with so that I can try and train him properly. He can be very stubborn, making it hard to train him, but I can tell he is smart as a whip...and did I mention...STUBBORN!  

What do you think? 



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Reply To: Roslinnelson

Well, they say you shouldn't judge by their looks, but definitely chihuahua in there! Infact I have a chihuahua, a apple head one. When I first saw Shiloh's profile I thought he was a BASENJI. Have you heard a basenji yodel before? Well if you haven't type up on youtube, Basenji sounds. Shiloh is DEFINITLY NOT purebred deer faced chihuahua, the way your dogs posture is in his profile, reminds me of a basenji too, the golden with a bit of white, yep looks like basenji. I probably reckon Shiloh has more Basenji than chihuahua in there! Looks like a bit of African and Mexican! You have one great furry, four-pawed friend there! I have always wanted a basenji!

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