Boxer with prostate cancer

Our Boxer will be 8 years old this month and was dx. last week with prostate cancer.  The specialist informed us that it had not spread, and was caught very early, however, she indicated that it could not be surgically removed due to the location.  The tx. options she gave were to have him on antibiotics for the infection caused by the tumor, and the use of Metacam, a non steriod anti inflamatory drug to help with pain, inflamation, and  can often shrink the tumor.  The other option was IV chemo. ev. 3 wks. for 5 treatments.  The worse part of the news is that she said on ave. he would live about 3 to 4 months. without chemo., and maybe 4-6 months with chemo.  Not only is chemo very expensive, and requires him to go thru the treatments, but it doesn't buy us much time. She did say that dogs usually don't have the same bad side effects with chemo. that humans have, but didn't push it either. We love our Rocky so much, and we are all devistated and don't want to lose him.  Does anyone know of a similar case and if the 3-6 month survival sounds accurate, or if they know of a dog having success with surgery.  Since he's been on the extended antibiotic and Metacam, he is acting like his self.  Eating fine, urinating well, playing etc.  Any advise would be welcomed.



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Nearly 2 months ago our best friend Bikkel, also a boxer-dog, died of prostate cancer. He was also 8 years old. Looking back we think the first symptoms were seen in november, december last year. One time he lost some bloodspots out of his penis. A week before Christmas he had surgic intervention because of epuliden (benign growing of his teethflesh) en at the same day he was examined (echo/ catheterisation) > nothing important to see at his prostate. Urinating was no problem at all. In february this year his defaecation was not well. Often and small production and later it became flat > this is a sign of compression of his rectal intestinal segment probably by a bigger prostate. He lost some weight, but was playing normal with his ball, enjoyed walking, eating fine en drinking good. Till we saw his belly growing > back to the vet > echo. The result was very bad > His whole abdomen/belly full of fluid and blood caused by a big, irregular prostate. More cancer spots in his body. There was nothing to do. We also got Metacam, what did a good job. It all went very quick. The first week after the diagnosis he enjoyed life and we payed extra attention to him. Every night we slept in the room beneath at his sight. He had to go outsight every 2-3 hours trying to defaecate, which went very difficult. In the second week he was tired, he couldn't find the right position while laying down or sitting because of his growing belly. Then he wouldn't eat anymore en payed no attention to his ball. He looked at us so helpless. It was very difficult to decide but 11 days after the diagnosis he was euthanised in our home, his beloved place. We could see he was ready with his life. We think 3 months after the first symptoms. Please give Rocky much attention and NO CHEMO! 

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