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I have a cat thats 18 years old. She has hypothyroidism and is on medication for that. I have begun to wonder if she is becoming senile. She always used her litter box and has always been a good cat. In about the past year she has begun to mainly sleep. When she has the urge to go to the bathroom..she will 'go' wherever she happens to be. She has literally stood up from the spot where she was sleeping.near her food dish,squatted and urinated and/or pooped. Not only that..she has been known to do this in other strange places. She has gotten on the dinner table and urinated. She has came running into my room and jumped staright up onto my bed and squatted and urinated. She has urinated in the dogs food dish. pooped in the bathtub, just anytime the urge hits her..she goes.. any place,anytime,anywhere. This is not the beloved cat we once knew. We are at our wits end on what to do. We don't have the money for alot of tests. When we took her to the vet he said to be 18 years old she looked very healthy, though she only weighs about 5 pounds..she used to be very fat. We have tried taking her to her box in the bathroom after meals and in between. She will use the she knows what its for and where its at. She occassionally goes to her box on her own. is there anyone out there dealing with a situation like this? All answers appreciated.



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I have the exact same situation with one of my cats, a 15 year old female.  Our vet has suggested that she might be suffering from senility and has offered drugs for it which we have turned down.  The drugs make the cat very spaced out and although we don't like to find the surprises around the house .... I don't want my pet to be spaced out all the time either.  Our at sleeps most of the time but when she's awake she is engaging and loving.  If we put her on the medication that would change.  Most of the time our cat seems to hold herself so that she only goes every second day and by that time it is a huge amount of urine.  I've gotten to pretty much know her routine and if I can catch her in time I'll put her near the box where she will pee and poop on the floor.  At least that way I know where it is to clean it up.

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