please help me decided on what breed to get?

hello everyone...
i have been wanting a toy breed  dog for a long time now.. but i cannot decide on which one to get between this ; havanese, maltese, shih tzu and toy schnauzer...i would like your advise and any info you may have these breeds.. I have 2 young children so i would like to get the best breed that does good with kids....
thank you so much



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As a child, I had a maltese mix shih tzu, in a family of 5 with 3 kids and 2 adults.

I was 6 my younger brother was 5, and my older brother was 7. We had a great bond. His name was bumpy, sadly he passed away caused by a tick. And as it turns out the littlest, not to mention smallest child in the family, my younger brother, missed him the most! He loved bumpy! RIP bumpy, my friend. I also remember taking Bumpy to school, he was great with the kids and everyone loved him! With little training, but HUGE amounts of love and care you will find yourself in a bond that can never be broken with a maltese mix with a shih tzu!- Paws up!

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