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my 1 year old lab mix has been using the bathroom in my house as well as where she sleeps (i know that is not normal behavior). What can i do to help her? She was abused before i got but i have had her for almost a year now and she knows that i wont even yell at her. she acts to much like a puppy according to my mom. i really could use some advice on what to do with my dog.



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Hmmm sounds like you have dog that is a little confused.  House training 101 may help, but if not, hopefully someone else can help give you a solution

House training 101
1. Rule out any health problems that may be associated with inappropriate peeing.  A urinary infection and/or some other health issue may be causing the issue.  A simple check up at the vets office can rule these issues out.

2. Makes sure you are setting up your dog for success.  This means always taking him outside enough time so he doesn't have an accident.  This usually means once an hour for younger dogs.  As he gets older, once an hour is recommended, but he will probably be able to hold it for longer.

3. When he does go outside, praise, praise, and more praise.  Since he is a lab, there is probably a large food drive behind him.  Add in a treat or two with the praise.

4. Unfortunately because of his past, discipline may not be an option.  If you do, DON'T EVER discipline physically.  And only do so if he is caught in the act.  Try a firm "NO", take him out side, let him relieve himself, and then praise.

Remember, your dog wants to make you happy, because when he does, you will make him happy!  Oh, and the most improtnant thing to remmebr, a tiered puppy, is a happy puppy!  Lots and play and exercise will take care of this.

Hope this helps!

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