Prostate cancer in dogs

Hello!My 15 year poodle has prostate cancer and has been on treatement for almost a year.As of now he can,t move its tail for urination  and poop.Is there any prostetueses to help hold tail up?Thanqs



In Dogs

Reply To: Igor

I  unfortunatley don't have an answer to your question, but our 8 yr. old boxer, Rocky, was just diagnosed with prostate cancer last week.  The specialist did an ultra sound, xray, and a biopsy.  She said it had not spread, and that it was caught early but that surgery did not seem to be an option.  She said the only treatment available was chemo. every 3 wks. for 5 treatments, or antibiotics for the infection caused by the tumor, and Metacam, a non steroidal anti inflamatory.  She told us that without chemo. he would live on average 3-4 months, and with chemo., he may live 4-6 months.  We don't want to lose hime.  He is a part of the family and we love him so much.  Would you please let me know what you have done with your dog and what your advise is. I hope that your dog is doing well.

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