Stomach Spasms and Lower Back Pain

Last night my 2 year old Beagle mix breed started acting funny.  She went to go to the bathroom and then started walking back as if something was stuck in her butt.  We've had this happen before, when she's eatten yarn from a toy or something, and we've had to pull it out and she was fine.  But this time we looked and nothing was there. 

She was walking as if something needed to come out still, tail between the legs and sort of limping.  Once we brought her in the house, we lied on the couch with her and her tummy was spasming.  The muscles were tightening and letting go, fairly frequently.  When she was walking around her ears were back.  She also kept trying to sit and sniff or lick her hind-quarters and/or butt/vaginal area.

She is a VERY happy and energetic dog, so her walking around with her ears back I could tell something was seriously wrong.

Also, when we go to pet her on the back, once we got to the hind-quarters she'd pull her head back and act like she's protecting herself, or it hurts so she'll pull her head back and sniff and lick our hand.

She looks very upset and I have NO idea what could be wrong... I looked up symptoms of kindey infections, UTI's, stomach flips, ect. But, I just don't know.  She did just get over being in heat, but I don't know if that has anything to do with it?!?!

She hasn't eatten since we got home, only a treat that we gave her with a baby asprin, to help the pain.  Only once or twice has she wimpered.  She has drank water but not excessively.  When I brought her out to go to the bathroom she peed and it did not look like there was blood or anything out of the ordinary.  She went to poop, but unfortunately we're in the middle of a snow storm and I couldn't follow her into the woods where she went, to see what that looked like or if she actually did poop.  Maybe she's constipated?

If anyone has ANY idea what could be wrong I'd love ANY suggestions.  We are gonna bring her to the vet tomorrow if the symptoms persist, but if anyone has had similar symptoms happen to them I'd love to know so I can have an idea to tell the vet.  I would very much appreciate any words of advice.  I love my puppy girl so much and only hope she gets better! Thank you in advance for anything!

-A concerned puppy girl owner (Amy)



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Certainly strange behavior.  My boy Bobo actually started showing similar behavior.  He normally is a chow hound, and as such, I have also had to help extract some things from his rear (socks mainly).  As  a result, I am always careful not to leave things lying around on the floor.

The interesting thing is that we also just had a snow storm.  BoBo, just started acting funny today, but he did eat breakfast as normal.  I am not exactly sure what's going on, but this afternoon he turned down food, which is not like him at all.

He has also been pawing the door, like he has to go to the bathroom, but when we go outside he only pees.  I am hoping its just constipation.  My plan of action is business as usual for now. If he does not eat dinner, then I am going to be concerned and probably take him to the vet in tomorrow morning.

The scary thing is with chow hounds who eat everything is that the foreign object can clog up there systems.  If this happens the dog will not eat, which for Bobo, is a red a flag. 

I treat him like a family member, so of course I am a little on edge and worried.



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So my dog ate about half his dinner last night, and I decicded to feed him a little milk.  He drank the milk and slept all night.

We just got back from our morning walk, and low and be hold he pooped out a pair of girl friends underwear. 

This morning he wolfed down his breakfast.  I am thinking it was just constipation.  I am going to continue keeping a close eye on him, but for now everything seems to be back to normal.

How is your dog doing?



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She's doing better.... I called the vet and told them about her symptoms.  They said if she was playing out in the snow it could just be lower back pain.  Although when we go near her tail she still acts as though it hurts.  Also her tail is normally in the air when she's happy and its stayed low recently.  We think she may of broke her tail.  We have to go to the vet on Monday.  Thanks for asking!!! I'll keep you updated on what the vet says!!! I think the tummy spasms were just because she was in so much pain!!! But thanks again for your input!!

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