Scratches the skin off her face.

In August Kiki a poddle/ cocker spanial 13 lbs who (2 years old December) suddenly she lost 5 lbs, her eyes started watering a few days later she had scrapped the hair and skin off her face to the point where it was raw. The vet had no idea what was wrong and was no help with her loosing so much weight. The vet offered spray to stop the itching (if that what it was) but he did not know. The spray did not help nothing help other then (maybe) I started applying antibiotic cream and it help but it took a long time. Guess what it is back though she is not loosing weight. I have also the father and two brothers none of those dogs developed this problem, nor does the other breed dog that I have or the mother. There are 6 in total. What the heck is wrong with her face. Not only that now she will not allow me to put my face near her back as if she is scared and pushes me away this has only happened in the past few weeks. Years ago Jake the father had something similar but different on his hip and he also has this problem of not allowing to get close to his back. What the heck is going on? I do think that they want to keep the distance from them because they have developed a fear that you may hurt them more because of this break out. The break out finally goes away but the fear of being touched does not.

What could this raw hairless spots be?



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Reply To: Nina

Talk to your vet and ask if your pup can be having an allergic reaction to environmental changes. See if they will recommend you to an allergist.  I know a Cairn who developed hot spots that looked like ring worm and ended up having an allergic reaction to animal protein (of all things.) He is now on a specific protein for all food, including treats.

Also have the vet check for a bacterial skin infection. 

Good luck.

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