Acts like he has something in his throat

We have a chi that we adopted. He is about 8+ years old and weighs about 5 pounds now.  We would not take anyting for him, so we don't want him in pain or having a problem. I hope someone can tell me something.

I notice it at night more than in the daytime. He sleeps with u and he will lick the sheets until they are wet. I don't know why, but I think it has something to do with swalowing.  He constantly working his mouth as though he is trying to get something up.  Sometimes he will get gaged and cough as though there is something he is trying to get up.  I don't like to see him hurt, because I think he has had that in the past. I want him to be happy and enjoy life.  Please, if you have an answer, please let me hear from you.  Mary

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