5 month old Boston Terrier

I have had my puppy for two months... i have tried everything in the book to house break her and nothing is working. she knows she does wrong because she ducks and hides...well to make matters worse she has now decided to pee on my furniture !  any suggestions?  what age do they finally pick it up?  i have a boxer i adopted from the pound at around age 10-12 months that had never been in the house and she was trained perfect NO accidents in a week!  what am i doing wrong?????



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Reply To: amysuewho

Have you tried having a smaller area to allow your dog to be in?  With a smaller area, there isn't as much room to choose from and certainly no room to hide the deed.  It can help significantly but must be combined with appropriate times outside and lots of praise when she gets it right.  The smaller the room, the greater the frustration, but that may be better than allowing the habits to build into bad behavior.

I hope this helps,

Charlie Allen
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