HELP- My dog will not come when off leash

Hi.  I have a year and a half dog we got from a rescue that I think is a lab/plott hound mix.  She is a sweet and loving dog.  She does well "coming" when in the back yard or in any other closed in large area.  However, whenever she is off leash in a large area with out boundaries, she runs off and will not come when called.  This has happened several times and it took about a half hour each time to finally rein her in.  Any suggestions or pointers would be appreciated on how to get her to be able to be off leash.  I truly want to give her that freedom, but cannot trust her.  HELP!!



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I would recommend to find something that your dog loves like a treat or something.  Practice the come command in your back yard, and when your dog comes, give her a treat and a lot of petting.  Repeat, repeat, and repeat. 

Try going out to a quiet place outside of your backyard, one with little distractions.  Give the same command and reward.  Start incorporating other distractions and see if she starts to respond to the treat method vs running away. 

The other thing you can do is to always keep your dog on a leash when outside of your yard.  If your commands aren't working, then its safer to keep her leased in an unsafe environment where she might get away



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Thanks for your reply.  She is young so i plan to keep trying and trying and trying.  I hope to one day allow her the freedom to be off leash in certain situations.  Thanks again!

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