Please help. Cat eye Problem!!!!!!!!!!


I hope you can help.  A stray cat came into my house whilst the back door was opened.  I noticed the stray cat sitting on the worktop eating out of my cats bowl.  My Blind cat Felix was in the kitchen at the time and jumped up onto the worktop next to the stray cat obviously not knowing it was there. 

Anyway the stray cat hit my blind cat on the face and ran away.  Problem is that since this has happened my blind cat is keeping one of his eyes closed most of the time or he is keeping it half opened.  I have checked his eye for any signs of scratches or discharge etc but there is nothing.  My cat is still letting me touch his eye area etc and he doesnt seem to be in any pain or showing any signs that he is.

 Should I bathe his eye with some sterile water just incase there is an infection etc.  Please help I am beside myself with worry. 

Any help, information and advice will be greatly appreciated. x



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Reply To: catlady

Poor kitty!  Hope by now you found the answer.  For my dog, the vet said use pure olive oil in the eyes.  Maybe call the vet and see if that is still the case.  They also make eyedrops that contain antibiotics.   Hope your kitty is better.  So nice you keep it even with the handicap.

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