Cat suddenly afraid of housemate cat

I have 2 cats. One is a 4 year old tabby and the other is a 3 year old bi-color.  The tabby had to go to the vet with an eye infection.  We were gone about an hour, but this is the first hour that the 3 year old has ever spent alone in the house.  She's always had the older cat there.  When we came back, she immediately began spitting and screaming at the older cat.  This has been going on 2 days.  TOday I left them alone to go to work and now the 3 year old is screaming and spitting at me.  She did this with the older cat once before when we brought in new furniture.  What can I do to help her not be so terrified?



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Reply To: MELODY

Its not the best situation, I am sure.  I would say you need to help the cat feel more comforted.  When ever there is something that bothers her, try and pet her and make her relaxed.  For example, get her alone and let her sit your lab.  Pet Pet pet until she is notice and comfortable.  Then, have the other cat come into the room.  Keep the cat on your lab comforted and let her know everything is OK.  Its a thought, but the idea is to let the cat know there is nothing to be afraid of.

Good luck, Purr and meow

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