Stands in corner after supper, any idea why?

My 10.5 year old male Cairn Terrier will stand in the corner, or under chairs after supper. Breakfast is moist Bil Jac dry kibbles, supper is moist Bil Jac dry kibbles with a touch of chopped fresh veggies.   He will do this for 2-10 minutes if I let him.  He stands quietly, and seems a bit confused. I generally comfort/hold him. 

This has been getting progressively more pronounced in the past 1-2 years.

I will try dividing supper, maybe give him a doggie anticid before supper, in case it could be some form of stomach upset.

He does not do this after breakfast, and will not do this until he has eaten be it early or later [ 5:30 to 7 pm].  A vet tech suggested it was a form of Sundowners syndrome, similar to older humans who suffer worse from alzheimers--and have worse episodes in the evenings.

Most vets whom I ask about this have no solution.

Any ideas? 



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Reply To: Dogband

My dog is a 13-yr old terrier mix and he insists on going outside after eating, even if he just came in before the meal.  As he got older, I had to try different dog foods because he got sensitive to rich dog foods.  I found that Pedigree Healthy Digestion and Science Diet Older Dog canned foods really agreed with him.  He likes to beg off my dinner, but I learned many human foods are bad and I only give him corn, which he loves and does not upset his tummy.  I gave him broccoli once and his tummy growled all night.  Sometimes I give him half a Tums because his tummy growls so loudly and he doesn't want to eat his dinner.  Good Luck, your dogs are beautiful. 

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