Brussel Griffon Black Tongue

My son purchased a Brussel Griffon puppy for me and recently (he turned 6 months) he now has a big black spot on the back of his tongue like a he's mixed with Chow or something.  Is this normal?  Does anyone know?



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Reply To: salarais

I've seen dogs with all sorts of colored spots on their tongues.  There one in my neighborhood that even has what appear to be green polka dots.  While a little weird, the dog's owner assured me that the pup was totally fine.

If you're concerned about it, or if the dog's behavior seems to suggest that something is wrong, then I would suggest consulting a vet.  Otherwise , he's probably ok.



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Reply To: Nick

Thank you.  He's great!  he runs around and jumps and gives lots' of kisses.  I was just concerned.  Thank you eversomuch.

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