Dominant Behaviour

I have had 15 dogs, 7 horses, numerous cats, birds, and a salt water fish tank for 15 years -  but I am ready to euthanize our latest addition.  She is a 3 year old Shih Tzu that we've had since birth.  She barks uncontrollably, runs, attacks other dogs and has taken to urinating and defecating on the beds.  It is purely a behavioral thing with her, and she is our first ever animal to own a crate, shock and bark collar. We've even had to phone poison control.  She has the most endearing personality but is very sneaky and steals stuff on a constant basis.  We have a very difficult time catching her doing something wrong , but her demeanor tells you that she has the minute we walk in the door.  She is truly exasperating !!  and I am ready to get rid of her.  A very first for me as I have tons of patience and trained numerous animals. All have been well mannered and obedient.



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Have you considered surrendering her to a rescue organization or animal shelter?  I would exhaust all alternative options before considering euthanasia and then I would defer to the discretion of a veterinarian.

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