How much is your cats life worth?

A friend of mine has a cat that was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure.  This disease is terrible and can eventually kill a cat.  There are treatment options, but they all mainly help to manage the cat's remaining years, and do not cure or undo the damage caused by the disease.

There is however a new operation where the cat's can receive healthy new kidneys through a transplant procedure.  They say its about 80% effective, meaning the cat is all better, but its costs $5,000.00.

How much would people be willing to pay to save their cats life?



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Reply To: catsarethebest

It is a cat.   Not a family member as many cat owners think.  If your friend has unlimited money, she can spend spend spend.   A new cat can be free or approx $100.   She can love the new cat just as much.

Nothing like spending $5000 just to have the can suffer and probably die.

Common sense is needed here.



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Reply To: Bob123

I agree. I love my pets, but could never spend that much.

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