Atypical litter box issue

Hello, my 18 year old cat Sasha is trying without success to use the litter box.  She gets in it, but sometimes does not go in far enough to wee in the litter. Thus she ends up weeing down the front and on the rug on which it sits.  She has some helath problems but is seen regularly by the vet and is on medicaton for certain things.  This has just started happening.  Can anyone suggest something I can do to encourage her to go further into the box?


Sasha's devoted mom.



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18 yrs... wow!

Maybe try getting a bigger litter box?  My kitty always goes to the middle of her box, so if I gave her a bigger one she would be well away from the edges.

Hope this helps!



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The way she is going, as soon as she touches litter under her feet she stops.  So at the front in the litter box I put a glass block, so now she has to go further into the box to "touch" the litter.  This seems to be working for now.



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