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Please help, I am new to PetWave and I have a cat that was recently diagnosed with diabetes. She takes her insulin every morning and I have no problems giving it to her. Since we decovered the diabetes, I have now noticed some other problems going on with her. She is otherwise healthy and active. She is almost 9 years old.  Now the concern is I have noticed her using the littlebox more often, and now she has been walking around meowing. I checked the litterbox for urination and noticed small turds (if you will) I believe she is constipated. What can I give her to relieve this? I cannot reach my vet as this is a weekend. I don't want her to suffer, as I know constipation can be a painful thing. Thank you for any advice or help you can give me



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When my little baby gets constipated I always give her some milk.  Not only does she love this little treat, but its a sure fire way to help get things moving (if you will).  I am not sure if milk is the best option, but it always works for me and my kitty.

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