my cat zombie and new kittens don't get along

Zombie is 3 and has number of resident but within the family. I now have him for 10 mos but had him when he was a kitten and he only take to me and no one eles. My husband and me just move into a house which before live in apt. now zombie loves it here more room and windows and more stray cats around so we thought he need a friend so I got 2 kittens a month ago and introduce them while that did'nt go well at all. Zombie would growld and hiss and would go out of his way to get around them. But after a few weeks he would get closer to them but still growls and hissing and also started to swipe his paw at them but would be alot closer then before and sometimes he would smell them and then hiss and growl. It been a month and still not getting to know them and the kittens don't seem to brother them which one is male and the other is female. I'm very concerns about zombie coming around and like the kittens. What can I do to make zombie to like the kittens. I never seen this side of him at all his 3 years.





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Reply To: lora1965

sounds like you have a real "cat fight" on your hands.  I am sorry to hear that your kittens are not getting along.  I know when introducing a new cat into your home, it can sometimes take a while for eveyone to get used to each other.  I know this may not help, but I would imagine time will heal all.  Think of them as a new visitor, and everyone just needs to establish who eveyone else is. 

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