Young boxer with uti problems

My female boxer/pit mix has been having problems with uti since she was a young puppy. Is there anything anyone can suggest feeding her besides the expensive prescription food that the vet recomends?  It is too expensive but I don't want her to continue having them either. She went 8 months without an infection and now all of a sudden she has another one.



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Reply To: Laurel269

Hi Laurel,

I did some research and it looks like there are some things you can do to help you dog.

For prevention, the number one method is to make sure that the dog drinks ample amounts of water each day, and that the water is clean. All of this water will help flush out the system and keep out the bacteria that lead to infection. In addition, you can add water to food to moisten it, although they have to be careful that the food isn’t left to sit and possibly become contaminated itself.

The next measure to take is to walk the dog regularly and make sure that it urinates often enough. Even if the dog has already done its business, taking a long walk afterward is a good idea because it stimulates even further urination.

If your dog already has a UTI, your vet will likely want to give it some antibiotics. I'm unsure about any home treatments, so you may want to call your vet.  Humans will drink cranberry juice, but I don't know if that works / is good for dogs.

Good luck.

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