Dog Started Charging People

I noticed recently that my dog Snoopy has developed a new bad behaivior habit, where he will be walking down the street (without a leash) and bults after strangers and jumps up on them.  He has never done this before, and I need to know how to stop it.  The obvious answer is to put him on a leash, but I wanted to know if anyone had any training tips that would stop his instinct, and allow me to continue walking him without a leash.

BTW, he is a freindly dog.  And its that I am worried he is going to hurt someone, its more along the lines of respecting others and keeping my dog under control.  Any help would be really apreciated.



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Reply To: Snoopy84

Thats kind of funny, but I can see how you are worried.  Maybe you should try using a training leash for a while (long leash).  At least then if he starts to go after someone you can stop him, let him know that was the wrong way to act with corrective training technique, and hope that after a while he starts to understand.

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