My kittens is lethargic, sleeping all day..

My 4 month old kitten just got spayed abt 2 weeks ago, the outside stiches are healed, she was fine and playfull ..until a couple of days ago..she is indiferent now, doesn't want to play or even move around...she sleeps in one spot all day. Her appetite is not the same, she is eating very little..and seems to have developed somewhat of a the weekend now and I am very concerned, she is just not herself...



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Reply To: cdpete97

Attitude, food in take, and behavior all important signs we evaluating your cats health. In your case, it sounds like your little kitty has shown negative signs in all three areas. Since these have all changed, in combination with her recent surgery, I would recommend taking her to the vet that did the surgery. Most pets have a follow up examination after surgery, so if you don't have one scheduled already, it would be a good idea to set one up.

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