Skin Issue - Need Help

I just recently brought a pup inside that was dumped.  Over the last few days, he has developed what appeared to be tick bite type bumps, even though he has not had any ticks on those places.  One of the bites has now turned into a kind of hard patch of skin.  He has not lost any hair and does not seem to be scratching at it.  It is located behind his front leg on his rib cage.  I have not noticed any fleas or other skin issues and I gave him a bath before these bumps started developing.  I have looked up mange and ring worm and other skin disorders, but most involve hair loss, which he does not have.  Any help would be appreciated, as I want to get him well, preferably without having to get a vet involved (I already have 4 dogs, 3 of which were also dumped over the years, so my budget is limited for vet bills).  I have a few creams and pills from my other dogs in my "dog arsenal", so hopefully I can get this little guy well and to a new, loving home soon.  Thank you in advance for any advice.



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Reply To: DogLover29

This is a tough one.  The fact that there is no itching or hair loss really throws a wrinkle into the equation.  Do you think it could be warts?  Warts are very contagious in puppies and tend to show up in clusters.  They don't itch or otherwise seem to affect the dog.  Typically they show up on/around the face or muzzle, but I suppose they could appear on the rib cage as well.

Good luck!

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