Desperately Seeking Free Spay and Neuter for rescued cats and kittens!

I live in Kelso, Washington and have a  animal ministry here at home taking care of rescued and abandoned animals.  I currently have two female cats with kittens.  One has six kittens I  have raised from birth and are now almost three months old.  The other female is a very emanicipated female who showed up on my doorstep  with a kitten in tow about two weeks ago. 

I have a great feed store I buy very high quality feed from and  first mother, Divine Grace, and her six kittens are in incredibly good health, beautiful and so ready to be blessed with wonderful loving homes.  I am a very good pet owner myself and have three rescued dogs and four rescued cats.  I believe in good animal control and have all of mine spade or neutered. 

I am on a very limited disability income from work injuries as a nurse and the

I expense of getting all these precious cats and kittens fixed is beyond my means.  I do not want them to go to homes until they have been fixed to make sure they do not add to the over population problem that  kills so many innocent animals.  How can anyone help me to meet the needs of  these wonderful kittens and cats.  All suggestions or donations to get them fixed would be blessing from heaven.  Please help, I need to do this as soon as possible while they are still cute and adorable kittens and could adjust easily to new homes.

Bless you for  taking the time to read this post and help me with good advice for my area here in Souhwest Washington State.





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