Please Somebody Help Us!!

Almost three weeks ago we had to put our Beautiful Tippy to sleep. It was so unexpected that we didnt have time to prepare ourselves for it. She was a Happy go lucky dog one minute and a very sick girl the next. We made the decison not to be with her when they did the deed because she had such bad viens that to put an iv in her would have just caused her way more pain. They said they had to put one in if we stayed if not they would just give her a shot. Im not surewhy but when my mom asked why they couldnt just give her a shot while we were they they wouldnt answer us. But as we stood by the desk we heard her give a very high pitch yelp. The vet said it was nothing and she did it well she was dying. But the sound she made still rings in our ears its not a sound that any of my family will forget and I as her owner can not get over it. Does anyone know why a Dog would male such a sound? I know this is a stupid question but I am hurtiing over this in ways only one who has lost a beloved pet would know.



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You must be so so so sad about it.That hurts your heart when you think of the dog right???



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yes it does more so then the others that knew her because she was with me all the time. I have a very bad heart and she seemed to know when I was at my worst and she never would leave. Her death was so sudden its hard for me to accept that she is not here.

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