I really miss you Nene

My dog Nene died from a seizure. She died from the seizure from having puppies. She had about 3 litters. She died when she was in her doghouse milking her puppies. After she died we had to milk 12 puppies! It took a while to milk all of them. My grandma helped us out and took 5 puppies out of 12. That left my family to 7 puppies to milk. I miss all of the puppies. My grandma sold all of them she had. We sold all of them except for 1 puppy. We still have her. Shes trouble so that's why we called her Trouble. She loves to chase after my 3 horses. Especially my miniature ponies. She won't even dare to bark at my Quarter horse Candy. She is about 15 hands I think. My miniature horses names are Sage and Ginger. Ginger is a mommy. She had Sage 6 months ago. Ginger is a mare and Sage is a stallion. Sage is so sweet but he likes to bite. Ginger is so stubborn she wont even let you brush her! But she only lets you pet her if you have any of her favorite foods. Apples, sweet feed, bread, and broccoli. Sage is full of cockaburs right now. I can't even get all of the cockaburs out right now! He has so many that I can't get all of them out because there's so much. Well I have to go eat dinner. I miss you Nene!



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Reply To: etsgal09

That is so sad I bet you really miss Nene.

But hey, that happens to every animal and person.

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