How do I help my older kitty accept our new kitties playful behaivor?

I have a kitty named Suzy who is 13 years old and has lived with other cats her whole life. For the past few years it has just been her and Mowgli a 14 yr old male. They were very bonded and unfortunatley he lost his long battle with a very aggressive mouth cancer in July. Suzy has been very lonely as she is not so much a people snuggler, that's what Mowg was for. I wrestled with the decision and finally decided to adopt an adult cat from a shelter and introduce them slowly. The new kitty, Rory, was given his own room, litterbox, food and bedding for over a week. They had supervised visits and everything went fine. I slowly introduced Rory to the rest of the house and still all was fine. Suzy wasn't real lovey, but as long as they didn't touch it was all good. It's been a month now and Rory is comfortable, unfortunately this means he wants to play with Suzy. Rory is only 1.5 yrs and I just didn't realize how much of a kitten he still is. Suzy interprets his playfullness as agression and responds defensivly. I have tried distracting Rory when he is playful and positive associations with one another. Nothing seems to be getting better. I don't know how to help these guys get along. They are both sweet loving kitties and I just want them to both feel happy and safe in their own home.

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