Cats & tuna fish

Is it safe to give a cat canned tuna fish or real baked chicken or ham?  Mine wont eat cat food, only the above mentioned  He is a 4 1/2 yr old half Maine Coon half Saimese indoor cat.



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Reply To: Daphne

It's safe to feed your cat those things in that they aren't poisonous or anything.  The risk in feeding a pet only human food is that they may not be getting a diet balanced to their unique needs.  Think about it, if you only ate chicken and tuna would you be getting all the nutrients you needs?

I'd probably check in with your vet and have them recommend a home cooked diet.  Or if you are near a cat food store that specializes in natural home cooked diets, they could probably make some recommendations too.

Good luck!



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Reply To: kitty650

thanks for the advice, actually he eats dry cat food but dosnt seem satisfied with that but he wont eat canned cat food.  by the way he looks like the cat in your picture!

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