Vomiting Schnauzer

Hello Everyone,
I have a 4 year old miniature Schnauzer. Yesterday evening he decided to get in the trash and try and eat my wifes sanitary product. (sorry for the graphicness) we did get it away from him. However during the night he vomited several times. The vomit was thick and full of food. It had no odor. Off and on during the day he has been gagging and occasionally vomiting. Same deal, no odor and thick.
My question is how long should I wait until I take him to the vet. I have read everything I could find on the internet, but anyones input would be invaluable..
Thanks for the input..



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Reply To: Guy

If I get your point about what the dog ate, I would say to treat the situation like you would a person.  If vomitting/symptoms do not improve after 24hrs, I would think about going to the vet.

BTW, my dog did the same thing once and nothing serious happened. 



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Reply To: nascardoglvr

Thank you for the input. Im at least glad that my dog isnt the only one to do this...
And last evening he finally passed it and is back to his cute but unruly self...

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