German Shepards- is there more than one type?

When we added our German Shepard to our home we were told that she was a German-German Shepard, and not an American-German Shepard.  We were given a copy of her family tree that went back 15 generations to prove her AKC geneology. 

   We were told that the difference in the two breeds was that her snout would be characteristactly longer, and that to keep the German-Germanness in the blood line; every other generation was supposed to be bred with a timber wolf. I have found that her snout is a bit longer, and she also has a little bit bigger ears as well. 

   I am asking these questions because I have not been able to find any answers yet myself, and I am very concerned about practicing proper breeding for her.

My question are:

1. Has anyone else heard of a German-German Shepard?

2. Is it true about the breeding, and where can I find the information?



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I've never heard of a 'german-german shepherd', but I'm not an expert on the breed.  As far as breeding with a Timber Wolf, that seems a bit strange.  Are these supposed to be wild wolves?  How would one accomplish breeding with a wild Timber Wolf and how could you be sure about the bloodlines?

Maybe try contacting a german shepherd breed club or possible another breeder to see what they think.

Good luck!



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Thanks for taking the time to reply. We are doing a lot of reserch into this before we breed her. I absoultly have people begging for her pups that have not even been tried for yet and some people trying to put down deposits. If I found anything good out, I will most certainly let you know what we find and where we found it.

Thanks again,


The Hayes



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If you are considering breeding her, you should go to and spend time researching your canine's lineage including ordering copies.  I spent 2 years researching our Poodles and Golden Retrievers' lineage and found their data dated back to the early 30s. 

I've personally never heard of any German Shepherd breeder mixing their GSD with a Timber Wolf. In doing this, it would create hybrids and NOT purebreds.  I lived in Germany for many years and went to many GSD and Rottweiler dog events.  I can personally tell you that the Germans do not mix Timber Wolves with their GSDs.

They may have meant by saying that your German Shepherd is a "German" German Shepherd, that its ancestors were imported dogs from Germany with a deep ancestral lineage that comes from Germany.  This would can be validated by ordering your pedigrees from and studying the entire lineage. It can be expensive to do this, but well worth it if you intend to breed your dog.

German dogs including Rottweilers and German Shepherds have more "Shultzhund" in their bloodlines and this means they are more prone to bite because they've been bred as working dogs for protection.  If during your research of your GSD you see heavy "Shultzhund" in the pedigree...then it may be that your offspring could have a tendency to be aggressive dogs.  I would consult with breeders who are heavily involved with GSDs and go from there.



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Opinion: I think so, as to how many, and what, I don't know.

Severaly years back, my first husband and I  was able to get a puppy which was a full german shepard. All I knew about her was that her parents were two different types of german shepard with their papers each, One parent was a German Police, the other Full German Shepard, Not american,

Anyway, out of the breed we got our puppie,  only one was a solid white German Shepard, We were also told about the breedline, and that if done right, about every 5, If I remember liters there would be the white, or albino.  It seemed weird to me, but for some reason when you see  those whom are breeding and  selling, and telling you of the  bloodlines, makes you want to believe them,?

We never  got the chance to try the brreding, as she was hit by a transfer truck at about 2yr.s She was a full German Shepard, and I do know with German Police, but there was another type of German ? the other Parent, I just can't remember what, it has been so many years ago.

I am no expert either but wanted to share my experience with the German Shepard with you. She was very Loyal and Protectant especiaally over my children then. I had a red and black chow which she done well around  as well. Great dogs.

I am dealing with a similar thing right now, I have a partial Husky, I take to the flea markets with me to work, and I have had  people to argue with me that he wasn't husky but German Shepard,  I think the husky's are simialr, he unfortunately has another breed in him, I was told beagle, but I am thinking more like pitt from the look of my daughters 3, different type she breeds, but yes he does look shepard, but I know he is husky, I've had and been around all these kinds of breeds, german shepards and huskys.

Its hard to say anymore, there are just so many type breeds and mixtures,stories and things passed down, it is good to get a professional opinion and on that particular breed that you have.

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