Inttoducing a new kitten

We have an 11 month old male cat who will be neutered next week. Is it okay for us to take in an 11 month old female who has already been spayed?

We have concern because he's our only pet and he's needy.



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Reply To: omm2707

Cats are certainly a funny group of animals when it comes to protecting their territory. Having both cats spayed/neutered will certainly help with keeping things happy and safe. Are you adopting the cat? The reason why I ask is because a lot of adoption shelters will let you bring the cat home for a "test run" before committing to the adoption. If this is possible, it might be a good idea to see how the two cats interact with each other.

Oh, and I would wait until after your male cat's stiches have been removed from his surgery before making the introduction.

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