Photo contests for cat lovers with prizes

Hi guys,

My name is Olesya. Nice to meet you. I have organized photo contests "Cat of the month" and "Most photogenic pets" for cat and pet lovers around the world and found sponsors for it. You can join competition, upload pet photo and get t-shirts, pillows, wall calendars or litter box for cats. The photos will be voted on by the community. You can ask your friends to support your photo with votes. You can join contest here:

Wish you good luck.



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Reply To: kiolva

Hello everyone!

After successful completion of previous photo contests "Cat of the month June" and "Most photogenic pets" I've organized new photo competitions "Cat of the month July" and "The best smile". These contests are open to cat and dog lovers around the world. They started on 13 July. Winners will get a LitterHouse and natural pet care products offered by contest sponsors and You can join the contests here:

Wish you good luck!

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