Fun exercise othetr than running

I am so bored running with my dog, and he also seems to get bored as well. We have tried swimming too, but not always a true work out for him. He is a big saint Bernard, Can anyone help recommend a fun activity I could do other than running or swimming?



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I think fetch is a great game to play.  Its not to much exercise for the owner, but a for the dog it can be great exercise.  If you are having trouble getting him or her to retrieve, I found treats are a great way to get started.  Just throw the ball, and when your boy brings it back, give him a treat.  It may also help to start working on the command "retrieve".  That way you can throw the ball and start getting him to retreive on command.  It could also be fun to work on other objects and work on getting your boy to retreive things.

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