Pitbull terrier, beagle mix

I live in a 3 bedroom apartment with 3 children.  We've been looking for a good apartment dog and have fallen in love with a  6 year old Pitbull terrier, beagle mix at the humane society.  She seems very calm and friendly. Not agressive, and not timid.   However, I've been trying to do some research.  Is she an ok "apartment dog"?  We have two parks near by and we'll be doing daily walks/excersize.  We spent only about 20 minutes with her, and now I'm trying to figure out if our home could work for her. 

I'm not sure if she will be ok being indoors for part of the day.  Also, if she's not a good breed/mix to have indoors what are good ones? I don't care for the "yapper"  dogs.  Just something friendly, calm around kids (my kids are 9,10,15 so no real young children).

(I hope this is the one though!)



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Beagles tend to howl and whine when left alone and tend to be a very active breed. I do not know if this trait tends to go to the mix.

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