Champion breed stud (siberian husky) available for breeding!

Currently I'm networking to find a female that would make a perfect match for our siberian husky male, named Onyx.  He is four and a half years old, AKC registered, father is champion of his breed in Texas.  We have the pick of that champion's litter.  Onyx has beautiful  markings and a majestic stance.  He is extremely atheletic and is a high energy, strong willed dog.  For pictures by email, please send a request by email to

Please email us if you are serious about breeding, and have a healthy pure breed AKC registered female siberian husky that is well tempered and beautiful.  P.S. His breeder is completely supportive of breeding Onyx, and will help me answer any of your questions.  If you look up information regarding personality/temperment tests, Onyx scored a 3 as an 8 week old puppy.  Thank you for reading our posting.


Luis & Sandy


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