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I have a very interesting story about a WHITE TURKISH ANGORA found July 2008 in Regina, Saskatchewan near the Trans Canada Highway.

This kitten was 6 to 8 weeks old when found.  At first we just thought it was an odd looking white male kitten.  We blended him into our home with our three domestic shorthairs.  At about 4 months of age it becamse apparent that this was no ordinary cat.  We became aware of the WHITE TURKISH ANGORA breed by accident in late December.  We are now convinced that we own a pure bred WHITE TURKISH ANGORA, but have no idea how he ended up on our driveway.  We have a couple of thoughts, one is that he escaped from a litter travelling through Canada on the Trans Canada Highway in July of 2008.  We live very close to the highway and he was found the day after a wild thunder and hail storm .....could he have escaped during the storm.......and could the owners have thought he didn't survive .....or know exactly whenor where he escaped? 

He is a beautiful addition to our family and we love him dearly, but we would like to know how he came to us?

If you have any information or know of anyone I should pass this on to please contact larocque@sasktel.net

Thank you

C LaRocque




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Reply To: carollarocque

All said and done, at least the kitty is in good homes.  I would also recomend cheking in with the Vet and seeing if the kitty has a ID chip.  It also would be a good idea to get her checked out and make sure she is healthy. 

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