Bathing around floppy ears

My dog is the first dog I've ever owned. There have been a couple of times where he has developed an infection in his ear(s) that I think may have been caused by water getting in his ears during baths. What's the best way to deal with water in the ears of  dogs? Is there a method of washing his head that minimizes the chance of getting water in his ears?



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Reply To: KimClark1980

Its tuff dealing with the ear problems of a floppy eared dog. My boy had a problem with ear infections, but my vet gave me a solution to wipe his ear out with after his bath/palying in water. It seems to have really helped, and now his ears stay clean and healthy. I dont remember the name of the product, but I am sure if youa sk your vet they will have a similar solution for you to buy.

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